More Printing Challenges

So here is some information I found at saving high resolution images from Processing:

PDF Export: “The PDF library makes it possible to write PDF files directly from Processing. These vector graphics files can be scaled to any size and output at very high resolutions.”

PGraphics (#16 on 25 Life Saving Tips for Processing by Amnon): “…create[s] a high resolution copy of the regular draw() loop.”

I ended up sticking with the PDF Export, that way I could scale the image to whatever resolution I needed for printing. But the PGraphics “hack” does seem like a good alternative once I settle on the exact resolution I want for my prints.

I ended up making my print as big as the Print Lab in our department allowed me (which was approximately around 43×24 in).

The print did result in some valid feedback from my review in class.

Unfortunately, I currently do not have a great camera, so I cannot take a decent picture of the actual print.

But here is a snippet of my print that shows a good indication of the problem.


Although the individual lines are actually quite crisp, due to the quantity and transparency of the strokes, the resulting printed image looks blurry when viewed at a closer distance.

Phil gave very good advice that a print should work at three distances: across the room, a few feet away, and up close. He said that I accomplished the first two, now just have to find a way to reward the viewer when they view my piece at a super close distance.


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